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Dairy Products Vacuum Packaging Machine Production

Dairy Products Vacuum Packaging Machine Production

Dairy products vacuum packaging machine production is carried out according to the methods used in packaging. In general, there are 3 kinds of vacuum packaging methods. The methods used in the vacuum packaging process of milk and dairy products are as follows:

  1. Food gas vacuuming: a type of food gas that is compatible with the food to be packed while the product is still in the packaging stage and makes it resistant to external bacterial elements is given in the package after the package mouth is closed.
  2. Dairy products vacuum packaging machine production modified atmospheric packaging (MAP): a type of vacuum that allows fixing atmospheric ratios in the product package. In this packaging method, the amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere in the product is drawn to a certain level and at that level it is performed using special gases to prevent leaks from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. It is generally preferred in prepared and frozen foods.
  3. Vacuum by air suction method: with air pumps, a certain amount of air is first supplied into the product, and after the same amount of air is withdrawn again, the mouth of the package is closed, ensuring that the product remains completely airless. Products that are cut off from contact with air do not form bacteria and thus do not deteriorate easily.

About Dairy Products Vacuum Packaging Machine Production

Dairy products vacuum packaging machine production is generally carried out in 3 different types. In addition to the scales and gas tank that can be found internally on each machine, it is possible to manufacture machines that can be offered an alternative to the customer. Scale machines are useful for packaging in equal quantities by accelerating the packaging of small and difficult-to-count products due to their precise measurement. Gas tanks are a hardware part that must be present in machines using food gas. can be worn in addition to the request subsequently.

Types Of Dairy Products Vacuum Packaging Machine

The production of dairy products vacuum packaging machine, which the customer can buy according to the production requirement, can be sorted as follows:

  1. Upright standing desktop machines,
  2. Horizontal medium size machines,
  3. Large size industrial type fully automatic machines,

Upright Standing Desktop Machines

These types of machines are entry-level machines. Their feet are erect and they can be used on the desktop. Generally, it can be used in low-capacity productions in homes, bakeries, hospital dining halls, restaurants, especially where there is a need for packaging related to milk and dairy products.

Horizontal Medium Size Machines

Machines for small and medium-sized enterprises. They are preferred in small wholesalers and manufacturers ‘ workplaces. Although the production capacity is more than steep machines and they are larger in volume, they do not take up much space. It provides a wide range of movement areas when manpower is required. Dairy products vacuum packaging machine production can be formed depending on the needs and expectations of the manufacturers.

Large Size Industrial Type Fully Automatic Machines

These are machines that serve to vacuum packaging a large number of products. They prefer large factories. They have all the state-of-the-art functions that vacuuming machines need to do. durable machines do not give easy failures. Energy consumption is low, they have the ability to insure against energy fluctuations. They are fully automatic machines and are made of stainless steel.