Food and any other electronics, or sensitive materials has to be vacuum packed for selling and storing. When the goods are stored in airless state then no microorganisms can grow on especially the food. There can be no contamination or rotting of any kind. Normally food is either packed in packets or bottles and vacuum sealed. Without any atmospheric oxygen food does not get spoilt, as there are no fungi or aerobic bacteria that can grow. Long-term storing of dry foods like cured meats, nuts, cheese, cereals, coffee, crisps, and smoked fish is done by vacuum packing them. Even liquids like soups and fresh foods like meats and vegetables last longer when they are vacuum-sealed. For bulk vacuum packing, especially the chamber vacuum sealers are used. The chamber sealer can be used to vacuum pack even non-food items.

Vacuum Packing Method: The method of packing is very different for chamber sealers and the external ones though both the sealers use bags to seal the product. What an external vacuum sealer does is that it simply removes air from the bag and seals the item. A chamber sealer on the other hand removes air from the bag and from the whole chamber then seals the bag. Thus the bag is also sealed in a vacuum. This ensures the item is 99.99 per cent free of air after the packing. Chamber sealers also make it possible to replace the natural air that has oxygen with some other gas like nitrogen that is ideal for packing of potato chips. The chamber sealer is fitted with an inert gas kit. Certain delicate foods need the removed air to be replaced with some other gas.

Try and go in to contact us for our unique models that we provide maximum advantages to you. The vacuum packing machines can be used even if you need to vacuum pack bedding, clothing, documents, plates, expensive items, etc. If your business is a large scale one or you have a store that needs vacuum packing extensively you must go in for a vacuum sealer.

Our Company:

Our company is professionalized in vacuum packaging equipmet technologies since 1972.

According to your special requirements and most demand of orders that we receive, we are able to produce different type of vacuum packaging machines according to your requirements, additionally as a result of long-term R&D efforts and many of sleepless days, we produced the IL 65 (500 gr – 50 kgs), the IL 1050 (1 kgs – 500 kgs) and IL 1300 (1 kgs – 1000 kgs) series vacuum packaging machines with atmospheric pressure for heavy and large volumes. One of our export office is located in Antalya City, another Office in Istanbul City and the production factory is in Sakarya city near to Istanbul for 1 hour.

By taking all your ideas and requests, we will go ahead to create the best technologies for you for the better future.