» » What Is The Use Of Dairy Products Vacuum Packaging Machine?

What Is The Use Of Dairy Products Vacuum Packaging Machine?

What Is The Use Of Dairy Products Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Dairy products vacuum packaging machine is widely used in the production of milk and dairy products ( cheese, yogurt, cream, milk desserts, etc.) to keep them intact for a long time, dairy products are subjected to a special set of processes. These processes can be done with different techniques according to the machine specifications and the needs of the products to be packaged. There are 3 obvious techniques used in the machines we manufacture. To give only their technical names without elaborating, the methods used in vacuuming are as follows:

  1. Modified atmospheric packaging (MAP),
  2. Packaging using food gas,
  3. Packing by airless release method.

We can add additional features to machines for special productions that our customers may want to use in packaging. Additional operations can be performed, such as additional precision scales or connecting an additional gas tank to gas-free machines.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Machines To Products?

Dairy products vacuum packaging machine manufacturing process requires precise processes, so precisely packaged products are packaged. By precise vacuuming, packaged dairy products can remain fresh without spoiling for a long time, and sudden price increases are not seen, as they will not be missing from market shelves. Because the packaging of vacuum products is made with extremely strong adhesives, they do not open accidentally, there is no easy discharge from the products with liquid in them. Because milk and dairy products are of great importance for human health, consumers take them by paying attention to their expiration dates, products are labeled and numbered unique to our machines. End Use and production dates are processed on the package by special printing technique. Undated and barcode-free products do not come out even by accident, the necessary checks are carried out at the production stage.

Are our machines expensive?

Dairy products vacuum packaging machine has prices that can cater to any budget. Desktop upright machines that we produce for home users are the choice of those who may want to do business with a small diameter and rarely, and our machines whose prices are extremely affordable due to the quality of materials and lack of features. Because they also meet the need for hygienic packaging wherever milk and dairy products are sold in homes, bakeries, restaurants, they take the first place in our sales. Our medium-sized horizontal machines, preferred by small and medium-sized enterprises, have more features than vertical-type desktop machines, and their prices are higher than vertical machines due to increases in material quality. It seems that prices are not high when the price is measured as performance and the benefit gained. Finally, in our industrial type fully automatic machines, prices can be extremely high, as there are every feature that can be found in a vacuuming machine. But these machines are preferred by large manufacturers due to their high business capacity. Again, with a price performance assessment, it can be seen that prices are high but reasonable.

Do our machines meet production standards?

We manufacture dairy products vacuum packaging machine by considering international requirements and mandatory criteria. Our machines are guaranteed and enough spare parts are stocked in our warehouses for many years. Our machines have automatic power cut-off at high current fluctuations due to work safety requirements.