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What Is Single Cover Vacuum Packaging Machine?

What Is Single Cover Vacuum Packaging Machine?

The single cover vacuum packaging machine makes the packaging process by ensuring that the products remain airless while they are still in the packaging stage, so that they can remain intact for a long time. In these machines with a single lid, the chamber in which the product is located is airless thanks to the vacuum hose after closing the lid, and the package mouth is closed after the product is wrapped together with gelatin. In this way, packaged products do not form bacteria and remain fresh for a long time. These machines are used primarily for fast perishable food products (meat and dairy products, etc.) they can also be used in the packaging process of electronic products so that they are not affected by heat and humidity. Machines know how to vacuum by using different techniques according to needs .

What Are The Types And Advantages Of Vacuum Packaging?

Single cover vacuum packaging machine different types of methods are used when making products vacuum. These methods include:

– MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

* It is the method of regulating the atmospheric ratio in the product packaging. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. it allows them to stay at the rate they should be. Anti-seepage gas is used to prevent leaks from inside to outside.

– Gas vacuuming

  • It is the process of removing the product from the air and filling it with food gas while it is in the packaging phase.

– Standard vacuuming:

  • This type of vacuum, which is used as standard by basic level machines, is also completely removed from the air of the product in the package with the help of vacuum pumps.

In addition, the ability to vacuum precise measurement with scales can be the standard feature of the machine, as well as Additional can be made later. The reasons for choosing a scale machine are that small-grain or liquid, hard-to-count products are packed in equal grams.

What Are The Advantages Of Vacuum Packaging?

Vacuum products with single cover vacuum packaging machine are suitable for long term use. They do not produce bacteria, because they are resistant to bacteria, bad odors are not released. They can stay on Market shelves for a long time and can be transported to remote points by national and international transportation. Because the products are sufficient for demand, their prices do not rise. Visual distortions do not occur, the taste does not change. They remain fresh for a long time in the refrigerator, without spoiling in warehouses, as long as they are not opened. They have packaging and hygiene conditions in accordance with international standards.

Features Of Single Cover Vacuum Packaging Machine

Single cover vacuum packing machine is suitable in home uses because of its small and quiet operation. It is also favored by many small businesses. Single cover vacuum packaging machine working order is 3 stages and by closing the cover, the vacuum pump removes all the air in the chamber. Vacuuming method may vary according to product specification. With the help of heat, the upper gelatin is fixed with the product-filled container at the bottom and the process is completed by cutting the gelatin.

The specifications of the machine are as follows:

* Transparent glass top cover,

* Electromechanical control panel,

* Automatic time-controlled vacuuming,

* Imported vacuum pump,

* Low energy consumption,

* Scale measurement, single scale or multiple,

  • Double chamber under single lid,

* Stainless steel surface,

* Resistant to washing with water pressure,

* Optional additional features,

* Spare parts maintenance repair can be done,

* Guaranteed,

* Automatic filling in preset quantities,

* Automatic stop feature.