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Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine

As in almost every country in the world, all our habits that affect our lives in our country are constantly changing. While we can consume products that once did not even have packaging, today we stop consuming many products that we have difficulty choosing due to the poor quality of its packaging. With changing consumption habits and the influence of developing technology, our living standards are changing every day and our expectations are increasing rapidly.

Perhaps a few years ago, one of the conditions that shaped our preferences was the need for the product to be packaged, while quality packaging, packaging that supports storage conditions and packaging similar criteria that do not harm the product were also effective in diversifying the conditions. In this context, vertical vacuum packaging machine, which takes its place among the preferences of manufacturers who set out with the goal of providing products to consumers more reliably, has taken its place in the first place in the category of machines that raise packaging standards to the top class.

Importance Of Packaging Machines


Due to the increase in packaging habits and requirements, companies that produce sector-specific solutions have also started to produce packaging machines according to different criteria. Currently, many criteria such as the type of product to be packaged, the amount of product in each package, effective usage/storage times for the product, product content, and so on determine the packaging preference and therefore the characteristics of the machine to be preferred. However, the quality of the materials used in the manufactured machines is also the most important factor that extends the life of the machine and increases the chance of being preferred.

Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine Choice


Horizontal and vertical vacuum packaging machines are designed for different product groups released by packaging. According to the mentioned criteria, a vertical vacuum packaging machine is preferred, especially for products such as nuts and pulses.

Vertical vacuum packaging machine provides a number of advantages for its preferred product groups:

* Advantage of the machine’s packing position welded spill blocking,

* Longer storage life and storage advantage thanks to vertical material storage,

* Advantage of relatively easy adjustment of package size and package contents,

* Advantage in terms of ease of cleaning,

* Advantage of integration into the preferred vacuum system if there is a vacuum system in the facility,

* The advantage of the ability to deliver food gas depending on the preference again in order to protect the integrity of the product to be packaged.


Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine Use

The use of vertical vacuum packaging machine has become an indispensable requirement, especially for healthy storage of certain product groups and increasing the amount of sales. In addition, the frequency of preference increases every day with advantages such as its contribution to packaging costs, maintenance and service facilities.

For The Vertical vacuum packaging machine, which is the choice of those who want to store healthy and the same quality product for longer, extend the shelf life and offer the user a product close to the freshness of the first day when they buy, our company increases the production of the highest quality product every day and adds new/valuable companies/customers to its portfolio every day.