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Vacuum Packaging And Packaging Machines

Vacuum Packing Machine

On the market there are reliable organizations that offer a wide range of vacuum packaging machines. The presented machine is used to store food in a vacuum (ie no air). The shelf life of the products kept in vacuum extends to a great extent. Oxygen contained in the package may cause food to deteriorate, ferment, dry or become dull.

Keeping food under vacuum is actually a revolution in the food industry. Up to 99.8% air can be removed from the food product package by using this method in many food sectors. This requires the use of a professional vacuuming machine. Thus, you can extend the shelf life of your products with the vacuum packaging system to make your commercial kitchen more efficient. Vacuum packaging prevents product deterioration as it does not contain oxygen. So you keep your products longer. You can keep it on the shelf for longer than when you’re on sale.

Especially in the meat and dairy products industry, you keep the freshness of the product in the best conditions. You always ensure the hygiene and safety of the product you offer to the customer.

Another advantage of storing the product treated with the vacuum packaging machine is that there is no dehydration, frost burn or mildew in the product. There is no loss of mass or aroma in the ripening period. Optimize storage by combining different foods. You can use the tanks at maximum capacity. In this case, you can convert the energy cost of the warehouse to maximum efficiency. The problem of wasting resources is also eliminated. During the purchase of goods, you receive larger amounts of seasonal products and you profit during the purchase.

To take advantage of all these advantages, we recommend using a professional vacuum packaging machine.

You can solve the sealing problem in the package by using a vacuum packaging machine. This ensures that your products are effectively protected against external elements. The sealing system has several types. The type of seal you prefer depends on the type of vacuum bag (PA / PE, shrink bag, aluminum closed bag), thickness and other requirements.

Standard double seal in this regard (recommended when sealing resistance is desired), wide seal (recommended for aesthetically more important products), bi-active seal (recommended when using aluminum or thicker bags)