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Almond nuts are one of the few healthy foods that everyone likes to consume. Among these, almonds are the type of nuts that are often preferred and never given up. As is known, problems such as spoilage, moisture, drying are seen in nuts as in every product. Thus, the shelf life of the products is shortened and manufacturers, retail sales people try to sell their products in a limited time and they suffer losses due to the products being corrupted by the purchase of new products. With the growth of technology, this problem has been solved. This solution is also unknown to many manufacturers and retailers. This problem is also eliminated with big-bag almond vacuuming machines.  ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited, our company keeps your food under protection with these machine models.

Information About Our Big-Bag Machines


Big-bag vacuuming machines generally apply the process, raw and processed products vacuum and bag mouth closure. It has high capacity side-channel blowers and in a short time, it performs the process of absorbing a large amount of air from the bag. There is also a low vacuum level. It can also be used in ship industry, food, agriculture, construction, mining, recycling, Pharmaceuticals. Our big-bag vacuuming machines perform their operations without any problems. The material is smooth in flow and its inner diameter is unobstructed. The maximum vacuum level of our machines is 99.99%. 4000kg from 1000kg.performs vacuuming operations of large sacks up to.


Our machines have a 100% open, visible working area. It has a high degree of work safety. It has stainless steel control rings and has a trigger lock and metal arm. It does not create friction or compression adhesion. Th th th P, PP, PET / paper / PE, PET / Aluminum / PE glues the bag mouth sections of all other laminated materials with a adhesive layer on the inner surface.


All our machines are manufactured from quality and non-problematic materials. ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited they might prefer our firm. You will have to contact our company which is reliable to purchase the machines. 0532 172 41 44 is our contact number.