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Usage Areas Of Our Vacuum Machines With B Series

Big-Bag Vacuuming Machines
Big-Bag Hazelnut Vacuuming Machines

Our varieties of nuts, which have been consumed by billions of people in the world and which have started from ancient times and will continue to continue, have been the taste buds of people, especially nuts, and have added health to their health. The shortening of shelf life in all food products has been a major problem for all manufacturers and industrial areas. This also adds to their costs. It has been seen in food field with the expansion of technology field in our country and all over the world. It is possible to maintain the nutritional values of all edible and drinkable foods like the first day, to maintain their freshness and to extend their shelf life with industrial machines. We are also ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited employees, We show Labor and work for you. We offer our big-Bag hazelnut vacuuming machines that you can use in your nuts, nuts and all your foods to our industrial production and manufacturers in all industrial areas.

B Series Big-Bag Large Scale Vacuuming Machines

Our B Series machines equipped with the latest technology nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews such as 1 ton to 4 tons can vacuum. Individual and corporate companies that perform the sales operations of their products in all industrial areas are able to close the mouth of big bag bags by vacuuming their products in a short time with our Big-bag vacuuming machines. It can also be used in logistics, food, agriculture, construction, mining, recycling, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding industries. Our machines, a technology revolution that can be easily cleaned, are hygienic. It has a simple and easy to use panel. Maintenance is simple. Spare parts are easily available everywhere and cost-effective, quality. PE th th th, PP, PET / paper / PE, PET / Aluminum /PE can adhere to all other laminated materials with an adhesive layer on the inner surface. It has 100% open, visible workspace. It has a high degree of work safety. The level at which our machines vacuum your products in your bags is 99.99%.
Our machines which carry out big-bag vacuuming functions are used for nuts, nuts and pulses in industrial production. Our machines prevent product loss and eliminate drying. By choosing us, you can extend the shelf life of your products and prevent product loss.