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Silage Vacuum Packaging Machine

Silage Vacuum Packaging Machine

Silage is the conversion of Yesil and water-rich plants into feed by turning them sour in an airless environment. It is also known as animal pickle for short. Silage vacuum packaging machine is used to meet the feed requirement of cattle and small animals such as cattle, sheep, goats. In Yesil Yesil, it is given to animals as green and watery in the winter months when there is no green grass. Thanks to silage plants, the field opens up early, which allows the field to become suitable for planting other plants. Its nutritional value decreases when other feeds are dried, but since silage is not dried, no changes in its nutritional value occur and it is also loved by animals. Silage can be made from all kinds of Yesil plant. Corn silage is the most common type of silage in our country and the highest quality. Thanks to silage, all corn is used. In addition, silage of plants such as oats and barley can be made in different regions.

Description and usage area of silage vacuum packaging machine

Silage vacuum packaging machine is a tool used in the packaging of silage made plant. The purpose of packaging is to maintain the freshness of the oath on the first day and to ensure that the oath is kept intact. Thanks to this machine, packaged silage can be easily stored in all weather conditions, regardless of climatic conditions.

Advantages Of Silage Vacuum Packaging Machine

Farmers resort to different methods of preserving silage. Some farmers open a special hole for silage and guard it there, while others prefer to store silage created through a silage vacuum packaging machine by packaging it. The experience experienced by farmers shows that packaged silages are more advantageous. However, silage left in the pit faces problems such as decay and warming, which leads to silage loss. Since these possibilities are eliminated by packaging, silage packaging provides more advantages. Again, since the shipment of packaged silages will be easier, this will also reduce labor costs and save the farmer time. Packaged silages also provide convenience to farmers in terms of storage. Pit a certain place for a certain time and requires separation, but for farmers too small to be vacuum packed and the packaging process is fast because stack is a great advantage.

Silage vacuum packaging machine types and features

Silage vacuum packing machine is a machine with many features and different kinds. Single kefe single throat, double kefe double throat and single kefe single throat machines are available. According to the types of machines, there are many features such as meter system, automation system, mobile system, adjustable kg capacity. Thanks to the counter system, opportunities such as seeing the number of packages, entering the desired values thanks to the automation system, interfering with the vacuum, and moving the machine to the desired location thanks to the mobile system are provided. Thanks to these machines, as in all areas, it has become possible to do more work with less manpower in agriculture.