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Pharmaceutical Vacuum Packaging Machine

Pharmaceutical Vacuum Packaging Machine

Pharmaceutical vacuum packaging machine is manufactured for detailed packaging in biotechnology and health sector. They are used for capsule medicine, Wick, cartridge fillings. Map ( modified atmospheric packaging) is preferred from vacuum packaging methods. In this way, the atmosphere in which the drug is located, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen elements such as the constant fixation is provided. Harmful elements that will affect the drug are completely destroyed or minimized. Specially prepared sealing provider gases are used to prevent leaks from the outside or from the inside without changing the atmospheric environment. The main goal in vacuum packaging operations is to ensure that the drug remains fresh for a long time without spoiling. These machines have different kinds according to the production type.

How Is Pharmaceutical Vacuum Packaging Machine Classified ?

Pharmaceutical vacuum packaging machine are divided into different classes according to production requirement. What is required in a vacuum machine is excess production capacity, low electricity consumption and little space, and the sealing properties of vacuumed products can be maintained.

What Are The Pharmaceutical Vacuum Packaging Machine Classes?

Pharmaceutical vacuum packaging machine classes are as follows:

* Bench-top models: they are small in size and are produced for practical use. They are the preferred machines of small and medium size enterprises. (Butcher, bakery, school canteens, restaurants and cafes, hospitals, etc. ) Machine equipment, transparent glass room Product Process Control section is available. It has strong bonding capacity, thus guaranteeing packaging safety. They are easy to clean products.

* Stand models: bench machines. With loom vacuum machines, different products and sizes can be packaged in a useful and simple way. Alternative equipment is automatically available machines, given different specifications at different times due to their preferences.

* Pharmaceutical vacuum packaging machine types of double-chamber vacuum machines, thanks to the double-chamber loading in one while the other can go to the packaging stage. In this way, faster and multi-piece production can be done. Cutting and heating bands can be controlled independently of each other. In these machines, vacuuming takes place in parallel loading and unloading. Pressure water can be used for cleaning the work surface.

* Upright vacuum machines: these are machines in which packages are placed upright and subjected to modified atmospheric regulation to prevent liquid liquid products from flowing. The roll conveyor for ergonomic product input and output has features such as adjustable height, precise vacuum measurement when products are in the packaging stage.

  • Conveyor tape machines: these machines can adjust according to the needs through extensive equipment options, also keep a record of information and functional convenience in use, easy accessibility for moving the reservoir cap, the reservoir cap is close to the outside of compressed air that can work with electricity, hygienic stainless steel is konstruksiyonlu, sloping lids and bands can be cleaned detailed cleaning can be done by means of compressed air outside of the reservoir cap that can work with electricity features.


What Are The Benefits Of Pharmaceutical Vacuum Packaging?

We can list the benefits as follows:

* Pharmaceutical vacuum packaging machine can also be used in the field of alternative medicine.

  • They know that they are protected without spoiling for a long time.

* The appropriate dose quantities that should be at the rate to meet the treatments are precisely measured and packaged,

* Tiny and ultra-tiny size packaging can be done,

* No loosening in packages over time thanks to strong adhesive,

* They are not easily affected by hot and cold environments.