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Big-Bag Vacuuming Machines

Big-Bag Almond Vacuuming Machines


With the developing technology, new, qualified and unusual products are emerging on the market every day. An example of this is the packaging of dry foods. For example, almond nuts are more oily than regular dry foods, so it is appropriate to be very careful about keeping. Therefore, vacuuming and packaging machines are needed. These machines are also one of the artifacts of evolving technology. Thanks to vacuuming machines, almond nuts are vacuumed in hygienic environments without damage and their shelf life is extended up to one year. Vacuuming of your products from 1000kg to 4000 kg is also done with our revolutionary and flexible big-bag almond vacuuming machines.


Unknown Properties Of Our Machines


Our machines are suitable for the use of large-scale enterprises and retail people. Businesses, especially those who take up all the retail business profession, prefer to vacuum their products and close the mouth part of big bag bags with our big-bag vacuuming machines. It can also be used in food, agriculture, construction, mining, recycling, pharmaceutical and ship industries. It has a structure that can be cleaned easily and is completely hygienic about health. It is simple to use and has a fairly easy panel. Maintenance is also completely simple. Spare parts are ubiquitous and cheap, at quality cost. In the material flow, its smooth structure and internal diameter are unobstructed. PE th th th, PP, PET / paper / PE, PET / Aluminum / PE all other laminated materials with adhesive layer on the inner surface are capable of adhesive. It has 100% open, visible workspace. Work safety is at the highest level. The vacuum level can be adjusted according to pressure (kPa) or time and the vacuum level can be changed with the integrated vacuum sensor. There is also a vacuum and gas pipe with a stroke length of 2,000 mm, which can be controlled separately from each other. The maximum vacuum level of our machines is 99.99%. All kinds of inner and outer parts of our machines have stainless steel control rings and have trigger lock and metal arm.

Since our products are made of high quality elements, there is no chance of deterioration of any part of the machine. Our company has never been mentioned with any complaints about the machines it produces so far and has not encountered bad comments.