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Nut Vacuum Packaging Machine

Nut Vacuum Packaging Machine

Packaging of food products is important for a long shelf life. Hazelnut vacuum packaging machine, especially allows you to protect your nuts from water resistance and early stale. Today, the demand for nuts has increased both from abroad and from within the country. Because nuts contain fat and keep you full, so it’s a good decal. It is a good alternative, especially for those who do not have the opportunity to sit standing up. This, in turn, has made it mandatory to protect nuts for a long time for companies that produce nuts or sell nuts such as cookies. Because cookie products such as nuts can easily become stale and dry in contact with water or air. So how is this prevented? The most important factor that prolongs the life of foods is its packaging. Suitable and healthy packaging products are stored both long-lasting and hygienic and retain their freshness for a long time. Nuts are also preferred in abundance because they are a favorite snack to eat fresh and crunchy, and also a healthy decoction.


What Are The Benefits Of Nut Vacuum Packaging Machine?

It is important to be able to store a product for a long time. Because in this way, more than one production is made at the same time and food spoilage and waste is prevented.Hazelnut vacuum packaging machine provides exactly such a possibility for nuts. After the nuts are collected fresh, they are extracted from the leafy state and the fruits in it are separated. Then heat and fry nicely. Some remain plain, others are lightly salted and taken into the category of cookies. This heat process extends the life of the nuts a little bit. But it’s not enough. Especially the products that will be sent abroad must be carefully packaged. Because it will go a long way and it should not have any external contact on the road.


How Does Nut Vacuum Packaging Machine Work?

Nut vacuum packaging machine is practical and easy to use. It has the ability to pack large bags at the same time. According to the model it has, it can be double-pane or single-pane. The extracted nuts are primarily poured vertically down a section resembling a funnel. Nuts crossing the funnel fill a nylon container. Apart from the nylon container, there is also a steel container that gives it shape. With this container, the nuts proceed to the vacuuming section. The lid is closed and the machine vacuums the air inside the nylon. It gives heat to the outer edges, allowing the mouth part of the nylon to stick well. This nylon steel container, which then becomes a bag, is removed and thus the packaging is completed.


What Is The Importance Of Vacuuming?

The most important condition of food storage for a long time is that it does not receive air. When it comes to nuts, it is feared that it will deteriorate, rather than stale. Because stale products are not preferred and become difficult to eat. Hazelnut vacuum packaging machine absorbs the air between the nuts with its filling feature and allows nylon to cover the nuts so that there is no space. If you also produce nuts and want to keep your nuts fresh for longer, please contact us to order from our hazelnut vacuum packaging machines.