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Horizontal Vacuum Packaging Machine

Horizontal Vacuum Packaging Machine

Packaging process in order to prevent food spoilage and protect it from external factors, packaging types such as vertical type vacuum packaging machine, horizontal vacuum packaging machine, gas plate vacuum machine can be used.The main purpose of these machines is to absorb the air in the package and prevent the rapid deterioration of the food that has emptied the air in the package. It is more profitable to sell a product that can be kept on shelves for a long time, rather than selling foods that deteriorate quickly. In this respect, vacuum packaging has gained importance. It is quite difficult to sell a product that is no longer packaged. Packaging must be done because the product is not sold in the open in our country. Grocery stores, grocery stores, deli shops have to make their products using vacuum packaging machines.

Types Of Horizontal Vacuum Packaging Machine

The most widely used packaging machines in the industry are horizontal vacuum packaging machine and vertical vacuum packaging machines. Although horizontal and vertical vacuum packaging methods are used for different products, the basic logic is the same; the products are put in bags and the product is packed by taking the air inside .Vertical vacuum packaging, which is one of the most preferred packaging methods, is briefly products such as nuts and pulses that can deteriorate quickly. Horizontal vacuum packaging machine is used in different areas.

Horizontal Vacuum Packaging Machine Uses

Horizontal vacuum packaging machine for easy and fast packaging; food, cosmetic, electronic and plastic products packaging machines. Many different products can be packed by industrial type vacuum packing machine. Especially food products; nuts, tea, candy, pizza, ice cream, biscuits, wafers are also used in vacuum packaging of many different products such as medical products, electrical appliances, souvenirs. Vacuum packaging is also used in food, while different packaging methods are used in the cosmetic and chemical sectors. The cost of vacuum packaging methods and, accordingly, the price is low.

As can be seen, purchasing habits have changed with the developing technology. An increase in consumption was observed when product packaging was done correctly. Interest in biscuits and wafers in particular has increased. Turkey has also created a foreign Sunday for itself using a packaging machine.


Horizontal Vacuum Packaging Application

Before starting vacuuming, care should be taken to clean the machine and ensure that the food is fresh. Because the vacuum time can vary depending on the freshness of the product. The storage time of the product can be prolonged and shortened and the aroma can change. Attention should be paid to the temperature of the product. The product must be cooled before being packed. The product should be placed in packaging bags, taking into account the size of the vacuum bag. Because the size of the bag affects the product quality.

The production volume and measurement range of the machines can vary. Additional features may also be added to the machines. This also affects horizontal vacuum packaging machine prices.

If we talk about the maintenance of a horizontal vacuum packaging machine, you can maintain the product you purchased at the company you purchased, regardless of the horizontal vacuum packaging machine or vertical vacuum packaging machine. Because the machine is used too much, you may have problems maintaining the machines. If there is a problem with the machine, the company gives the necessary technical support. It will also be more useful to get a functional state-of-the-art product.