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Groundbreaking Machine In Cashew Vacuuming and Packaging

Vertical Vacuuming And Packaging Machines
Vertical Cashew Vacuuming And Packaging Machines

Cashew is one of the most popular and fondly eaten nuts in Turkey. Since cashews taste more delicious, every 7 to 70 individuals consume cashews. There are cashews in every gram of the grocery stores. For this reason, you can buy enough cashew nuts in grams you want. Now you can buy cashew nuts in all local markets, super markets and even online shopping sites. This is another benefit of technology because it is accessible. The main reason cashew nuts can stay on the shelf for a long time is because they are vacuumed and packed without air. These operations are also carried out with vertical cashew vacuuming and packaging machines. These machines pack and vacuum cashew nuts untouched and cut their contact with air. After these processes, cashew nuts can maintain their durability for long periods of time. There are also bags of different sizes in the machines. These bags are used for packaging cashew nuts. Used bags can take up to 500 grams of cashew nuts from 50 grams. Packaging and vacuuming operations can be performed within 1 minute.

Groundbreaking Machine in Cashew Vacuuming and Packaging

When you look at all these features, vertical cashew vacuuming and packaging machines are very valuable as if they save the lives of manufacturers. But not every machine has this system and features. But our company ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited it guarantees the same quality service on all the machines it produces. All our machines are made of stainless 304 type steel which is effective against corrosion. That’s why the rigidity of the machine is registered. We can even produce vacuum and packaging machines for you in the sizes and weights you want. It is enough for us to contact our team and specify the features you want.
All our machines make a difference with their unique designs. Since it is made of high quality materials, our life-long vacuum and packaging machines are waiting for you. If you place an order, our machines will be available to you as soon as possible. Our team will make the appropriate shipment based on your location.