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Fresh Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine

Fresh Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine

Meat is difficult to store as it is a sensitive food. With fresh meat vacuum packaging machine, you can store your meat for a long time without smelling and spoiling. It implements a hygienic and healthy packaging process and safely protects your meat. Especially used in butchers and grocery stores, this machine has recently started to take place in our homes. Machines used in homes are smaller in size. Easy to use and practical. If you want to pack your healthy, untouched meat at home or at work and use it safely, you can order fresh meat from our vacuum machine.

Where Is The Fresh Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine Used?

Today, with the increase in the consumption of meat in places such as a market or butcher, the need arose for these places to pack meat and transport it to the consumer in a hygienic manner. We meet this demand with fresh meat vacuum packaging machine. We both extend the shelf life of meat and prevent problems that may occur with a hygienic packaging without touching hands. Meat is difficult to store not only in grocery stores and butchers, but also at home. For example, all the meat cut in the victim is brought home, first it is expected to cool, and then it is removed to the freezer. With our mini counter top Fresh Meat vacuuming machine, you can now pack and rest your meat at home by yourself in an easy and practical way.

What Is The Benefit Of Fresh Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine?

It is important to store meat without smelling for a long time. But it’s just not enough. A good quality and fresh meat risks this meat if it is processed and packed too manually under unsuitable conditions. It is at this point that the fresh meat vacuum packaging machine comes into play for shredded and ready-to-pack meats. Meat is packed quickly without human touch. At the same time, all the air in the package is also vacuumed. In this way, meat is stored in an airless and hygienic environment without producing bacteria. You can also rest the meat in this way. A suitable packaging is provided that consumers can receive with health and safety. Our machines are completely stainless steel and easily cleaned.

How Does The Fresh Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine Work?

There are several types of fresh meat vacuum packaging machine. The most well-known are the industrial type, footed and desktop ones. Our industrial machines are large in size and are suitable for large market, butcher or factories who need to do serial packaging. The meat filled into the nylon package is placed in the packaging section of the machine. Then the lid is closed on it and expected. Each process takes approximately 30 seconds. With its strong vacuuming feature, it completely absorbs the air inside the package and closes the mouth of the package. Our machines produced for the House are small in size. The meat is placed in the plastic bag, and then only the mouth part of the bag is placed in such a way that it corresponds to the inside of the machine. With the vacuum button, the air is drawn, the mouth of the nylon is completely closed with the drop of the seam. If you also want to make healthy and easy packaging for your meat, you can order fresh meat from our vacuum packaging machines.