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Flexible, Powerful And Efficient Machine: Vertical Vacuuming And Packing

Vertical Vacuuming And Packing Machine
Vertical Hazelnut Vacuuming And Packing Machine

There are millions of people in the world who have taken up the business of producing and selling nuts. As in the whole world, nuts varieties in our country, especially peanuts, are highly demanded and consumed by consumers. Hazelnut, which has gained an important place among the varieties of nuts, has been one of the indispensable flavors in dishes and especially in desserts. Nuts are also the most expensive types of nuts, the production and sales of people who have complained of moisture, deterioration. This situation has added quite an extra cost to the manufacturers. Unknown to most manufacturers, these machines will save you these costs and extend the shelf life of your products. Our company to save you from this material burden ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited, we have made vertical hazelnut vacuuming and packaging machine production with the development of technology and presented it to your service with its quality.

Technical Details

Vertical hazelnut vacuuming and packaging machinery features and other companies offered for sale machines between the differences between the makinalarımızda;
Our vertical hazelnut vacuuming and packaging machines, which we offer for sale to our valued producers and retail customers, are of quality to be used for many years and are equipped with the latest technology and meet all your needs and vacuuming and packaging processes. In addition, the bags used in the packaging process in our machines are thick and durable and tear, break resistant. It can only be opened with the help of a cutting tool or a knife. This is a feature that is not found in the machines in every company. In addition, our machines do not only do the packaging process, vacuum process, that is, the air in the air is taken to make. This eliminates the spoilage and moisture of the products and extends the shelf life. These two features are combined in a single machine, which is a function not seen in every machine. The quality of our machines is also made of stainless chrome steel, including the covers. The supply and use of spare parts is also very easy, comfortable.
If you want to extend the shelf life of all your foods, especially nuts, we recommend to use our vertical hazelnut vacuuming and packaging machines.