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Delicatessen Type Vacuum Packaging Machine

Delicatessen Type Vacuum Packaging Machine

For your ready-made food and appetizers packaging need, our company solves this problem with our vacuum packaging machine. As the use of prepared food has increased in recent years, packaging of these foods has become a necessity. The safest and hygienic packaging was provided by machines, and those by human hands were considered a mystery. If you also need easy and practical packaging for your deli products, you can facilitate your work through this machine. It not only makes safe and healthy packaging, but also prevents spoilage or odor of the products packaged with the vacuuming feature. So you can keep it for a long time unless you take it out of the package immediately. If you are also looking for a helper to make fast and easy packaging in your deli, you can choose our deli type vacuum packaging machine to help yourself.

Benefits Of Deli Type Vacuum Packaging Machine

Delicatessen type vacuum packaging machine serves to pack the products in a hygienic manner for a long time. It also saves you time with fast and practical packaging. In addition, the machine, which is very easy to use, greatly simplifies your work. It doesn’t tire you out and has no complicated use. According to where it is used, with fully automatic options, after setting it once, it can pack it manually without any operations. For manual ones, just lift the cover and press the button. Because it is energy efficient, it does not consume much electricity. It saves materials by spending less package material than manual packaging. Protects from bacteria and microbes. Water or moisture proof. Thanks to its vacuuming feature, it extends the shelf life of your food.

Types Of Delicatessen Type Vacuum Packaging Machine

Deli type vacuum packaging machine can vary depending on where it is used. A desktop machine is enough to take up little space for small grocery stores and delicatessens, while larger sizes and fully automatic machines are preferred for larger delicatessens and grocery stores. Desktop machines are manual or semi-automatic and pack fewer products at the same time than fully automatic ones. But it takes up less space and provides a spacious environment for your products. Fully automatic large packaging machines are mainly used in the deli sections of large grocery stores, factories or production houses.

How To Use Deli Type Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Deli type vacuum packaging machine is an easy and practical machine to operate. The method of use varies according to its varieties. Fully automatic oversized machines after adjustments are made, the product placed on The Walking tape is taken to the packaging section and comes out from the other side of the Walking tape. These machines pack more products in a short time. Desktop deli type packaging machines, which are more commonly used in deli and grocery stores, are covered from the top. After opening the cover and placing the product in the appropriate places for vacuuming, the cover closes. After the machine thoroughly draws the air inside the package, it closes the mouth of the package. This process takes about 20-30 seconds and you can place up to 4 products at the same time according to the dimensions. After the process is finished, the cover opens. You can contact our company to order from our machines, which are simple to use and hygienic to package.