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Deli Vacuum Packaging Machine

Deli Vacuum Packaging Machine

Delicatessen vacuum packaging machine, meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, pulses and nuts and general food type products to keep fresh for a long time, using special gases or leaving the product airless packaging process. They also carry out the process of packaging products with the same weight, whose quantity or weight is determined by the help of sensitive scales that they have in their bodies. Desktop vertical and small size machines suitable for deli use. Does not cover much space. It is easy to use. If the package size is changed, it is also possible to package different products by changing the packaging size of the machines. There are three different types in vacuuming method. These:

  1. Via modified atmospheric regulation,
  2. Vacuuming with food gas,
  3. Vacuuming by air purification method is in the form.

How to make vacuum packaging? What Are The Benefits?

With deli vacuum packaging machine, the vacuum process varies according to the requirement of the product to be packed. Map modified atmospheric carbon dioxide through editing and ready for packaging for frozen foods, edited and remain fixed, while the proportions of oxygen and nitrogen, granular and solid products are small, usually rather air suction vacuuming vacuum pumps air through the regulator method is preferred. In vacuuming liquid and liquid substances, the process is completed by giving food gas into the package. The general purpose of these 3 different vacuum types is to extend the shelf life of the product. Necessary hygiene is ensured and packaging is carried out at the level of standards.

What Are The Advantages Of Deli Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Vacuum products with deli vacuum packaging machine provide a lot of benefits for sellers and end consumers. Some of its advantages can be listed as follows:

* Stays fresh without spoiling for a long time,

* Product shelf life increases, supply and demand balance remains constant, and price increases are not frequent,

* No bad odors caused by spoilage in products,

* Packages are sealed with strong adhesives, they are resistant to pests and insects,

* It becomes possible to move to remote points with long-distance transportation.

* They are resistant to hot and cold,

* No visual distortions, they constantly maintain their bright appearance.

Some Features And Prices Of Vacuum Packaging Machines

Deli vacuum packaging machine prices vary depending on the production capacity, size and technology of our machines. Standard size and basic vacuuming and usually used in Delicatessen, Restaurant and hospital dining rooms vertical type desktop models are our most affordable machines. Our fully automatic industrial vacuuming machines for packaging deli products in large factories are the machines with the highest price. Our horizontal type medium size machines, which are used in small and medium size wholesalers ‘ factories, have average price options.

It is possible to sort some features of our machines as follows:

* Surfaces in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.

* Transparent chamber cover,

* Multi-scale model, (useful for packaging in different sizes ),

* They perform cutting, closing, gluing, filling together,

* They have labeling and numbering,

* They can be washed with water cannons,

* Part repair, part replacement can be done,

* Different types of products can be packed by changing the size of the foil packaging used in packaging.