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Cookie Vacuum Packaging Machine Production

Cookie Vacuum Packaging Machine Production

Close to the entire end-consumer cookie market is packaged sales. Our company, which produces cookie vacuum packaging machine, offers solutions suitable for your needs.

Food Packaging

More and more food comes into the package every day. One of today’s busiest industries, food packaging has many advantages. One of the main purposes of food packaging is to protect the product from spoilage and physical damage. Packaging protects the product from external effects such as moisture, heat and light, preventing its deterioration, as well as preventing crushing and breaking of the product based on physical impacts. Packaged food extends shelf life by keeping the product fresh for longer. Today, with the introduction of many foods into the package, different packaging solutions have emerged that meet the needs of consumers. There is a wide range of product packaging, from packaging where kilos of products are in one package to disposable single-consumption packages. Another benefit of packaging is that the packaged product can be delivered to the consumer without touching it. Packaged products also provide great convenience in the transfer of the product from the food factory to the location where the product will be sold to the consumer.

Food Packaging Machines

Industrial food packaging machines serve different purposes and therefore have different types. There are a wide variety of types such as Cookie vacuum packaging machine production. Packaging machines are used for the packaging of dozens of food items such as tea, coffee, liquid food, pulses. Food packaging machines are machines that make packaging by deciding the food you want, the type of package you want, the size of the package you want and the amount of product to be placed in it. According to the characteristics of the product to be packed, there are many types such as granule packaging, liquid packaging, tablet packaging, powder packaging, scale packaging.

Types Of Cookie Vacuum Packaging Machine Production

With the production of cookie vacuum packaging machine, two different packaging options are offered as volumetric filling and weighing filling system. Volumetric filling machines fill up to a certain volume of the package with granular packaging. Fast and precise packaging can be achieved with volumetric filling. The volumetric filling rate to be made can be freely determined. With multi-head machines, more than one product filling in the same package is done simultaneously, saving time. In multi-head machines, the amount to be filled from the heads can be determined separately. Thanks to this feature, the desired ratio can be achieved in cases where the amount of mixture, such as cookies, is important. In the weighing filling system, packages are filled on the basis of grams. As with volumetric filling, multi-head machines are available in the weighing filling system. The amount of product coming out of the heads can be determined separately in grams.

Cookie vacuum packaging machine production with consumer health in mind, all surfaces in contact with cookie are made of stainless steel. In this way, the machines will prevent rust that may occur over time and prevent contamination of the packaging products. At the same time, thanks to surfaces made of stainless steel, the machines can be easily used for many years.