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Businesses That Realize The Use Of Our Machines

Vertical Vacuuming And Packaging Machines
Vertical Cashew Vacuuming And Packaging Machines

Cashew nuts are one of the most useful nuts grown frequently in Europe. In our country, cashew nut nuts are offered to consumers as raw and roasted option. But the varieties that are roasted are consumed more because they are thought to be more delicious. But cashew nuts contain more oil and salt when roasted. This is why it is important for your health to consume portions in a controlled manner while consuming roasted cashew nuts. You don’t need to limit yourself when consuming raw cashews nuts because raw cashews contain less salt. Fat ratio is also very low compared to roasted. So you can easily consume raw cashew nuts in your snacks and decongestants without feeling guilty. It is a source of plenty of fiber and vitamins.

With the developing technology, every machine today is also developed and continues to make our lives easier. One of the machines developed by the technology is vertical cashew vacuuming and packaging machines. Thanks to advanced vacuuming machines, every nut is packed without spoiling its freshness and brought together with the public. In particular, nuts that are quite suitable for moisture, such as cashew nuts, are kept fresh and air inside without breaking and are subject to packaging process. Also, the bags are never punctured thanks to special packaging bags. These durable storage bags are available in a certain amount of machines.

Businesses That Realize The Use Of Our Machines

These vacuuming and packaging machines are mostly preferred by manufacturers and retail business owners. ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited. our company manufactures vacuuming and packaging machines. All of our machines are vertical in shape and are suitable sizes for every workplace. Therefore, every business place that needs these machines can choose our machines without the problem of the place covered by the machine. The average dimensions of our machines are 180 x 180 x 180 cm in the form of approximately 1000 kilos. Our small size o0aln vacuuming and packaging machines for a machine are ideal for every business and factory. We can contact you if you fill out the form on our site for Price Information.