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Big-Bag Vacuuming Machines

Big-Bag Hazelnut Vacuuming Machines


Hazelnut is one of the few dried fruits consumed almost every day in our country. Nuts, which attract attention with its rich nutritional content, protects people from many diseases with vitamins C, E, K and B6, B12. In addition to all these, hazelnut dry food, which contains a high percentage of strong minerals such as magnesium, iron, sodium and potassium, is not only unique in its flavor but also popular because of its high protein content. It is one of the important factors that determines the shelf life of the dried nuts in order to be packaged well when buying packaged nuts from the markets. In fact, big-bag hazelnut vacuuming machines are preferred for those who sell these packaging operations in the fields of manufacturers and industry. Our valued company is ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited it manufactures big-bag hazelnut vacuuming machines using highly valued substances.


Vacuuming Information Of Our Machines


Our machines can easily change the vacuum level at separate levels with integrated vacuum sensor. The properties of vacuum and gas cycle can be repeated more than once in a row. In addition, vacuum – gas level-times can be changed separately. The control unit consists of an LCD touch screen. It is not only used in the food sector but also in the fields of agriculture, construction, mining, recycling, medicine and ship industry. Big-Bag vacuuming machines, as the name implies, big-bag bags that are large bags from 1000 kg to 4000kg.it performs vacuuming operations of 2 or 4 hook bags and sacks up to. Every part of our machines, including the invisible insides, has stainless steel control rings. It has a trigger lock, has a secure structure and has a metal arm. PE th th th, PP, PET / paper / PE, PET / Aluminum / PE can adhere to all other laminated materials with an adhesive layer on the inner surface.

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