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What Is Packaging

What is Packaging?

Packaging; The fact that any product is delivered in a certain number to be delivered to the customer by taking into account that it is not dispersed is the act of wrapping these products on paper or placing them in the box. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, people’s buying habits have changed considerably. Some time ago, wafers, biscuits and so on. While some products are being sold outdoors, it is no longer preferable for this product to be deformed. Even the products that sell open products are not preferred by consumers due to the fact that products with open mouth are not healthy.

The change in technology has also changed the conditions of the world and contributed to these conditions to reach more modern levels. This change is available in almost any industry you can think of. With the development of technology, the packaging sector has also moved to important points. Packaging is especially important in the food sector. Packaging is made of well-made products, both freshness is protected and shelf life is extended and packaged in healthy environments are provided.

Packaging Machines

Packaging machines are the machines that are produced by the use of the latest technology by completing the drawings of the best mechanical engineers. Most of the large firms use packaging machines manufactured with the latest technology. The reason for the intensive use of these machines is that the products are packaged in much shorter time and easier to handle.

The use of these machines has increased due to the fact that no product can be sold explicitly in the legal obligation imposed by the Ministry of Health. Some of the applications of these machines are; milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, dried fruits, chicken and fish products, shocky products, confectionery, flour products, chocolate, appetizers, beverages.

Vacuum Packing Machine

The most widely used machine in the food industry is a vacuum packaging machine, which removes the air from the product before making the package. The purpose of air discharge is to increase the shelf life by removing the oxygen present in the bowl from the food and to create flexible package molds which take up less space.

Vacuum packaging machines are designed to be vacuumed by taking out the air in the bag. Vacuumed products that do not interact with oxygen or any gas remain fresh. The vacuum packaging machine is very simple to use. Although vacuum packaging machine is produced in different options, all of them are designed in the same way. Vacuum packaging machines are available in different options according to their functions. For example, there are the options of a household vacuum packing machine, industrial vacuum packing machine.

Household vacuum packaging machine; Thanks to the importance given to organic agriculture, it is available in many homes. The purpose of these machines at home is to prepare the winter fruits or vegetables for winter. Vacuum packaging machine, vegetables, fruits and food products without disturbing the freshness, without changing the taste aims.

Household vacuum packaging machine; due to the ergonomic dimensions, it will not take up much space in the kitchen and will make many of your work easier. Thanks to the different vacuum setting options, you can vacuum your many foods. At the same time, many vacuum packaging machines can only do packaging. So you can safely pack your food without having to vacuum all the time.

When the vacuum packaging machine is used, the products which are to be packaged should be rested at certain times after the packaging process is finished. Because these vacuum packaging machines are designed to be used in homes, the motor powers are slightly less and if they are used continuously, their engines will warm up. Vacuum packaging machines that are not rested will automatically put themselves on hold and will not work during this time.