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Vacuuming Information Of Our Machines

Big-Bag Vacuuming Machines

Big-Bag Hazelnut Vacuuming Machines


Hazelnut is one of the most preferred fatty dry foods in Turkey. Nuts containing more fat than other dried fruits are still highly preferred. The reason for this is because the fat content is completely natural and healthy for the human body. This is why even small children’s decongestants include nuts. Eating up to 70 grams of nuts a day helps to repair various parts of the body. Nuts, which are good for bone health, are especially among the dry foods that the elderly should consume. We are also ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited employees, We show Labor and work for you. We offer our big-bag hazelnut vacuuming machines that you can use in your nuts, nuts and all your foods to our industrial production and manufacturers in all industrial areas.

Nuts, nuts, almonds, cashews such as 1 ton to 4 tons of vacuuming can. It has a high degree of work safety. The maximum vacuum level of our machines is 99.99%. It is easily cleaned and hygienic. It has a simple and easy to use panel. Maintenance is simple. Spare parts are ubiquitous and cheap, at quality cost. The material is smooth in flow and its inner diameter is unobstructed. PE th th th, PP, PET / paper / PE, PET / Aluminum /PE can adhere to all other laminated materials with an adhesive layer on the inner surface. It has 100% open, visible workspace. In summary, thanks to our machines, you can carry your products to long distances in a short time without exposing them to degradation.


Areas Of Use

  • Food
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Mining

* Recycling

  • Drug

* Ship Industry

To have data about our big-Bag hazelnut vacuuming machines, you can call our phone line on 0532 172 41 44 24/7 and ask questions about the machines. If you wish, you can fill out the Price Information Form to learn about other machines. Authorized persons will provide you with feedback via e-mail or telephone and provide you with the necessary feedback. We are proud to offer you all kinds of high quality and economical machines.