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Vacuum Packaging Food Machinery Vertical

Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum packaging machines are used for transportation of food, plastic, metal parts, electronic products, bulk goods, medicines, pharmaceuticals, coins and banknotes with maximum security.

The use of vacuum packaging machine is very important in the industrial field. Screws, electronic products and metal parts have a common problem. We can list this as the risk of oxidation and surface damage. Both are important problems for such products. For this reason they are packaged using vacuum packaging machine and protected from external factors.

This technique has a very important role in packaging in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in food processing and finished food production. There are a wide variety of vacuum packaging machines on the market. There are dozens of types, such as double-chambered or single-chambered, vertically positioned, horizontally positioned, industrial type, home type.

Depending on the specifications of the product you want to pack, the type of machine you use will change. Vertical vacuum packaging machines should be preferred, for example for packaging, where coffee, flour, cocoa, milk powder, salt, granulated sugar or dried fruits should be completely horizontal and square. If you want to preserve food that is suitable for household consumption in your own kitchen, you should prefer smaller-sized household vacuum packaging machines.

Vacuum packaging means that the air and oxygen in the packaging material where the product is to be stored is disposed as much as possible. Thanks to the latest technological advances, this process is successful at 99.9%. If there is no air or oxygen in the packaging environment, the oxidation of the materials to be stored is also prevented. Since the air inside the package is pulled out, the total area that the package needs to cover will be reduced. Thus, more products can be transported in a single time, so the transportation will be profitable. In other words, the shelf life of the products will be extended and the shipping costs will decrease. When such details are examined in industrial life, vacuum packaging methods appear to be very profitable.

Taking a vacuum packaging machine is an investment with a high return rate as it will bring savings in the long term. Determine the exact specifications of the machine you need by doing a good market research. Don’t worry about the cost, get the best quality machine you can get. You will see your return in a short time.