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Vacuum Food Packaging Machines

Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum packaging is a packaging method that separates the package contents and air from each other before the sealing is applied to the package (before the packaging is sealed off). This method involves drawing the products into a plastic film package (either manually or automatically) by drawing air through and sealing the package.

Vacuum packaging is another way to increase the shelf life of food products. In this technique, the product is put in an airtight package, the air in the package is absorbed and the package is closed. Removing the air around the product, oxygen breathing microorganisms are prevented from developing in the product. The lack of oxygen also reduces the amount of oxidation-related deterioration. (for example, apples and bananas are prevented from being brown.)

Some types of food should be stored in an air-tight environment in an air-tight environment to reduce the growth of microorganisms. In the vacuum packaging application, most of the bacteria are removed from the environment while air is removed during the packaging. Thus, products are stored in a safe and hygienic environment.

Vacuum packaging also helps to preserve the quality and size of the product. For example, in meat, such as steaks, blood does not leak out of the meat and the meat does not dry. Thus, the original weight of the product is maintained. The shelf life of the product in the vacuum pack extends to 3-5 times.

The following advantages are achieved when vacuum packaging machines are used:

Food is prepared using an advanced technology.
Portion control is provided.
The workload is reduced.
Food waste is reduced.
Food costs fall.
More secure food storage conditions are provided.
High food hygiene standards are achieved.
Fresh or sliced ​​meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, salads, cheeses can be stored for several days without any reduction in quality.
Products such as soups and sauces can be stored half-baked.
The risk of cross contamination is eliminated.
For these reasons, the use of vacuum packaging machines in food processing plants always gives positive results.

Vacuum packaging machine for food, medicine etc. Used in many industrial areas. They are also used for packaging of small pieces of electronic material that are required to be transported in a secure position, protected from external damage, without moving.