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Big-Bag Almond Vacuuming Machines


Our big-bag almond vacuuming machines that you can use for all your hard-shell nuts products, especially your almonds, will make your life easier and make you financially comfortable. Our company ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited big-bag almond vacuuming machines equipped with the latest technology and many features in a single device, which does not cause difficulties, are produced and presented to our valuable manufacturers. Our machines cater to companies and manufacturers in the industrial area and carry out vacuuming operations on large bags.

Features That Distinguish Our Big-Bag Machines From Other Machines


Our machines are in adjustable position with all working cycles and have the ability to save to program memory. Performs vacuuming operations of large sacks with 2 or 4 hooks from 1 ton to 4 tons. Our machines have stainless steel control rings, trigger lock and metal arm. In addition, vacuum – gas level-time can be adjusted separately. The control unit consists of an LCD touch screen. It can also be used in food, logistics, agriculture, construction, mining, recycling, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding industries. The maximum vacuum level of our machines is 99.99%. It does not create friction or compression adhesion. Performs operations without problems. The material is smooth in flow and its inner diameter is unobstructed. PE th th th, PP, PET / paper / PE, PET / Aluminum / PE can adhere to all other laminated materials with an adhesive layer on the inner surface. It has 100% open, visible workspace.

The advantages of our machines are that the vacuum level can be adjusted according to pressure (kPa) or time and the vacuum level can be changed with the integrated vacuum sensor. The vacuum and gas cycle can be repeated several times in succession. Performs operations without problems. Big-bag vacuuming machines in general use, raw and processed products vacuuming and bag closing operations. People and businesses who have acquired this profession prefer to vacuum their products with our big-bag vacuuming machines to close the mouth of big-bag bags. One of the most important reasons for this is that its products eliminate the causes such as spoilage and moisture.