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Vacuum Food Packaging Machines

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum packaging was first used by food packaging companies in the early 1940s to save money. The technique prevented the deterioration of food products carried over long distances and extended the shelf life. Vacuum packaging not only prevented bacteria and mold growth, but also kept food fresh and prevented frost burns. Vacuum packaging technique is used today for the same purpose. The use of a household vacuum packing machine is a convenient and economical way for households to keep their food for a long time.

Vacuum packaging is in the form of modified atmosphere packaging. The general purpose of vacuum packaging usually eliminates all oxygen contributing to degradation. Depending on the type of packaged products, there may be a combination of oxygen and nitrogen in the vacuum pack to extend the life of a product.

Vacuum packaging is not limited to food and food products. There are other consumables packaged in vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging for all products that are sensitive to moisture, dust or other external elements can be an excellent choice. Vacuum sealing machines are more preferred for packaging operations of pharmaceutical and medical vacuum products.

Vacuum packaging machines use and perform an air compressor to remove air from the package. A heat insulator is then used to protect the product from external influences. Additional gases such as nitrogen may be added to the medium in vacuum packaging. So nitrogen and so on. The addition of additional gases helps to maintain the changing balance of air due to reduced oxygen in the air. The addition of nitrogen for some products may also help to extend the shelf life of the product.

The basic principle in the use of vacuum packaging machine is simple. By means of a vacuum packaging machine system, air is completely removed from the packaging bag to be used. The product thus obtained is packaged in a fully shielded manner for storage, storage or delivery.

Choosing the right machine specification, as in most packaging systems, can vary greatly in the system depending on the intended objectives.

Another factor that is as important as the machine in a vacuum packaging process is the bag where the product is closed in vacuum.