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Individuals who want to lose healthy weight often eat two meals. Besides 2 meals, they try to speed up their weight loss by consuming Dec meals. These decays usually consist of dried fruits or dried fruits. This is because most packaged foods have a high sugar and fat ratio. Therefore, nuts are ideal snacks for people who want to eat healthy or want to lose weight. One of these dry foods is almond nuts.

Our valued company is ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited thanks to the most technological and hygienic machines it produces, all kinds of roasted or un-roasted almond nuts come together with the consumer in very clean conditions and durable machines are also vacuuming operations. The big-bag almond vacuuming machines we produce are suitable for all businesses. Big-Bag vacuuming machines, 1 ton to 4 tons 2 or 4 hook large sacks performs the vacuuming operations. The pump capacity is 20 m3-500 m3 / hour. Even the parts of our machines that are not visible to the eye are manufactured using stainless steel and have a trigger lock and metal arm. It does not create friction or compression adhesion. Performs operations without problems. PE th th th, PP, PET / paper / PE, PET / Aluminum / PE can adhere to all other laminated materials that have an adhesive layer on their inner surface. The workspace is 100% open, visible. The control unit consists of an LCD touch screen. Big-bag vacuuming machines in general use, raw and processed products vacuuming and bag closing operations. Businesses prefer to close the mouth of large sacks by vacuuming their products with our big-bag vacuuming machines. This is because our big-bag vacuuming machines do not expose your products that you fill into large bags to degradation by vacuuming the air in them.


Advantages of our machines;

The vacuum level can be adjusted according to pressure (kPa) or time and the vacuum level can be changed with the integrated vacuum sensor. The vacuum and gas cycle can be repeated several times in succession. In addition, the vacuum gas level time can be adjusted independently.