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Professional Food Machines

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum packaging of foods is a very useful preservation technique in the kitchen and modern retail trade. This packaging system slows the growth of a large number of microorganisms that need oxygen to proliferate. This leads to a tremendous advantage in company costs and the following benefits.

Purchases are optimized.
Weekly work is planned more efficiently.
Waste is prevented.
The size of the menu and the varieties offered to customers increase.
Products kept in refrigerator or cold storage are offered to the market as better quality.
All this has come up with the purchase of a professional vacuum packaging machine and the use of suitable vacuum packaging bags.

Long Shelf Life for Food

All vacuum packed products stored at low temperatures are stored for longer periods. Shelf life is increased without sacrificing organoleptic properties such as quality, color, aroma and flavor.

Controlled Atmosphere

Using vacuum packaging machines, the air is removed from the packaging bag and a gas mixture is added to the packaging bag, which effectively prevents the natural decay of the product, increases the shelf life and compensates for the moisture level. For example, the color of red meat may be darkened from time to time and the color is protected for days when the product nitrogen and carbon dioxide are stored in a controlled atmosphere.

Vacuum Cooking

The products processed in the vacuum packaging machine are boiled in a vacuum environment at a temperature below 100 degrees. Thus, more sensitive components of food are protected. Aromatic ingredients such as vitamins, proteins and fats remain unchanged many useful items. Suitable heat-resistant vacuum bags should be used for the application of this technique.

Hygiene, Quality, Appearance, and Freshness of the Product

When the vacuum packaging method is applied, the quality of the foodstuffs cannot be changed over a longer period of time than is normally achieved.
However, not all products have the same shelf life. For example: Fresh meat can be stored for 20/30 days. Fresh fish can be stored up to 10 days. Egg pasta lasts about 15 days. Cheese and dried meats can be kept for several months.
In general, the shelf life of the product is 3-5 times.