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Problems In Vacuuming And Packaging

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Nuts are one of the most rich foods in terms of E and B vitamins. Nuts strengthen the body and eliminate physical and mental fatigue. It also reduces the risk of heart attack when used regularly. Bone development also has positive health benefits by adding sense. It beautifies the skin and has benefits that regulate heart rhythm. Nuts are one of the foods that can be used in both sweet and salty food types.

Problems İn Vacuuming And Packaging

As is known, all fruits and vegetables, including nuts, are exposed to air when not packed, and they infect other nutrients in warehouses, refrigerating machines, causing collective deformation. In other words, the use of vacuum packaging machines for the protection of your products has become a prerequisite. This machine, including the manufacturers of nuts, should prefer our models. There are some reasons why they prefer these machines. These; The packaging method applied by our machines, which we offer for you, will provide you with a lot of savings in terms of Product, Place and time. In a short time, high quality, trouble-free, hygienic and a large number of products through vacuuming (by absorbing the air in it) will provide the possibility of packaging. If the weather conditions of the city you live in are high temperature or cold, your products will be disrupted due to economic problems and will cause costs. These machines will eliminate them and allow you to store your products for longer periods of time. You can reduce the risk of deformation of your foods, such as cheese, bread, meat products, which can be perishable in a short time. In addition, as it is known, there are many machines in this sector. But not every company’s machines are like our company’s products. Most companies ‘ machines are crooked and powerless due to faulty welding, which causes the packaging bag to tear easily and the products to leak air. This causes your products to deteriorate in a short time. ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited It is not possible to experience this problem in our machines and bags offered for sale by our company. We need a cutting tool or scissors to open our bags.

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