Nuts Roasting Oven – ILSF 2500

    Our model is an Industrial Roasting Oven designed and researched and developed by considering the needs of dried fruit producers.

    Pumpkin Seeds have been developed for drying and roasting in the required time period.

    The advanced type program on the product allows you to perform the roasting process with less fuel consumption and more homogeneous roasting.

    During drying and roasting, there is air circulation to preserve the product taste, form, aroma and taste.

    It is possible to work with LPG, natural gas and diesel fuels.

    Features that can be controlled digitally are feed rate, roasting belt and temperature.

    You can pass the product of the desired thickness through the oven during the roasting process.

    Moisture firing chimney has adjustable feature.

    AISI 304 quality stainless steel is used throughout the body. In this way, the life of the product is extended and it is completely suitable for food.

    It has homogeneous roasting feature. There are double cabin structure and fans that perform air circulation in different directions in these cabinets.

    Preservation of product aroma and higher quality production. The waste gases produced by the roasting and combustion process are disposed without touching the product.

    Production continuity And more capacity. The roasting process proceeds on the belts and takes place. After the process, the roasted products are cooled in the cooling cabin.

    It is realized with high efficiency, thermo block design and required heat insulation.

    Maintenance and cleaning is possible with its short and easy use with its ergonomic design.

    There are multiple security systems. An example is the burner stop system we developed against the risk of fan problems.

    Safety system against potential belt slipping problems with chain drive.

    There is a special wheel system for the product to move easily inside the factory. (Only for models working with electrical system)

    There is a 2-year warranty for our products and 10-year spare parts supply warranty and fast technical support service as an option.


    Product Capacity (kg / hour)  
    Hazelnut 100
    Peanut 100
    Peanut drink 25
    Antep İç 80
    Pistachio shell 60
    Sunflower seeds 40
    Pumpkin seeds 40
    Almond 80
    Cashew 100
    Width (mm) 1480
    Length (mm) 2700
    Height (mm) 1570
    Total Electric force 2kW
    Fuel Type Natural Gas / Propane
    Natural Gas Consumption 3 mn/h