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Lentil Vacuum Packaging Machine

Lentil Vacuum Packaging Machine

Lentils from dry pulses, which have a great place in the food sector in our country and, of course, in the world, have a rich source of nutritional value, so it is very important to protect the product from external factors and extend its shelf life in its journey from the field to our table. Here, the lentil vacuum packaging machine is activated and allows the product to reach our table in its freshness on the first day, packed in a vacuum, in grams of consumption, untouched.

What Does Lentil Vacuum Packaging Machine Bring To The Product?

Lentils have a value in their own right, our goal is to create a situation where the consumer can put it on their table without hesitation when they buy it from the grocery store, maintaining this value as on the first day with the lentil vacuum packaging machine. As is known, when dry pulses come into contact with air for a long time, the product becomes unusable as a result of insectivorization, as well as spoilage in its taste, color and even shape. With vacuum packaging, this problem is completely eliminated and the product is protected against damages that may come from external factors. In addition, since the product is vacuum packed, it will take up little space, and it will also save space and save multiple packages during storage and shipment.

Do you want harmful guests in our kitchen?

Imagine what we might encounter if we buy our product from the grocery store without an open package or in standard air bags. First, we may encounter insect-style pests that we never want to be in the product, and if we do not pay attention, we will take these intruders into our kitchen. When we encounter pests that may come out of this product, which we put in our supply closet, there is nothing we can do but throw it in the trash. Because the little pests you’ve seen will have already laid their eggs in the product. For this reason, it is very important that the lentils we will receive are packaged with the lentil vacuum packaging machine.

Vacuum packaging machine installation and use

Lentil vacuum packaging machine is installed by our experienced technical team in the field, usage and user periodic maintenance trainings are provided during installation. Because our machine has an electronic instrument panel with Turkish support, it is very simple to use. After the user has made the appropriate adjustments to the gram through the instrument panel, the process is started by inserting the vacuum bags suitable for the Gram that you have set back into the reel in the machine chamber. The product is filled by measuring the bag it receives from the reel with the precision scale system and the air of the package is taken and transferred to the multiple packaging section with the help of a walking tape.

Why Our Vacuum Packaging Machine?

We continue to add value to the machines we produce by carrying out R & D work together in parallel with every step we take from the past to the future. With the lentil vacuum packaging machine you have received from us, you have received not only the technology of the time you have purchased, but also the developments and modernization that may occur in the future, we continue to develop our products with our team with knowledge and years of experience and offer you a share of this development. Please note that when you choose us, you are not only buying technology, you are also investing in the future.