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Lavash Vacuum Packaging Machine

Lavash Vacuum Packaging Machine

With the lavash vacuum packaging machine, you can store your lavash for a long time without drying and mildew. Lavash is a kind of bread and resembles pita with its thin structure. Such foods can easily dry and perish and become moldy and invincible. The easiest way to prevent this is through vacuum packaging machines. Proper packaging always extends the life of food and protects against harmful substances that may come from outside. It is especially frequently used in factories, grocery stores and bakery products producing places. Because the product taken here is both likely to be used for a long time and needs to be packaged in a healthy way.


What Is The Benefit Of Lavaş Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Lavaş vacuum packaging machine provides hygienic packaging first. Prolongs the shelf life of your lavash. It prevents mold and smell. Lavas remain in the package without drying for a long time. It helps keep its softness and flavor. It provides a healthier packaging than manual packaging. With its vacuuming feature, it protects the lavas from germs and bacteria by preventing them from getting air. It is also waterproof, thus protecting the lavas from moisture. If the type of package is open and close packaging, you can easily protect the rest from drying by closing the mouth of the package when you take lavas from it. With the lavash vacuum packaging machine, your work becomes easier and you extend the life of your lavash in confidence. With a healthy packaging, you also comfort your consumers. It also saves on the package, preventing waste.


Where Is Lavaş Vacuum Packaging Machine Used?

These machines, which can be used almost everywhere and for many foods, are used in abundance in factories and bakery outlets. Although it is not much preferred because it is made and sold immediately in ovens, extra lavas can be used to stay fresh the next day. This, in turn, is easily solved with a machine with desktop usage that will not take up much space.


How Does Lavaş Vacuum Packaging Machine Work?

Lavaş vacuum packaging machine, which is easy and practical to use, has different working methods according to its types. Desktop packaging machine with top lid lavas absorb the air in the package you put in, allowing the food to last for a long time without spoiling and drying. It then closes the mouth of the package and thus prevents the entry of any foreign matter from the outside. There are buttons that you can adjust according to the thickness of the package and the type of material. After the packaging process is finished, the top cover opens. Thus, the shelf life of the lavas is prolonged and the freshness is preserved. For lavas produced in factories to be sold in grocery stores, larger sizes of machines are needed. With fully automatic lavaş vacuum packaging machine, more than one packaging can be done at the same time. Packages placed on the marching band are automatically detected by the machine if the necessary adjustments are made and taken to the packaging cabinet. The vacuum-sealed package is removed from the other part of the Walking tape. Please contact us to order from our machines, which have a simple and fast packaging feature.