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Industrial Vacuum Packaging Machine

Industrial Vacuum Packaging Machine


Medium and large enterprises generally use industrial type vacuum packaging machines. Since home vacuum packaging machines are small, the desired efficiency cannot be obtained from this type of small machine. As in home vacuum packaging machines, it is to meet the needs of industrial industrial vacuum packaging machines, to lighten the workload and to extend the shelf life of the products. These professional machines, which are especially preferred by food production companies, make an average of packaging every two seconds. In other words, it packs 25-30 products per minute. Medium and large enterprises prefer such machines because of this fast packaging feature. Another positive feature of the industrial vacuum packaging machine is that it can make two packages at the same time since it has a double chamber.

Features of Double Chamber Vacuum Machine

1. Able to make 25-30 packs per minute, 2. Having 2 separate jaws, 3. Settings such as time setting, bonding time, bonding temperature on the control panel are adjustable. The prices of an industrial vacuum packaging machine with these features are on average around 9,000 TL. What are Vacuum Machine Parts? The vacuum packaging machine consists of 3 main parts: vacuum pump, vacuum chamber and sealing jaw. Thanks to the vacuum pump, it removes almost 100% of the air between the product and the package, minimizing the microorganisms that can cause degradation and mold, thus increasing the shelf life.

The features of the parts of this vacuum packaging machine are as follows;

1. Vacuum motor power is 2.7 KW. 2. The voltage required for the operation of the vacuum motor is 380 V 50-60 Hz. 3. Vacuum chamber inner dimensions are 65 cm wide, 26 cm long and 58 cm high. 4. The resistance length in the vacuum machine is 65 cm. 5. Control panel consists of electro mechanical plc screen. 6. Body structure is made of AISI stainless chrome steel mixture. The weight of the vacuum machine varies according to its type. While household vacuum packaging machines are much lighter, industrial vacuum packaging machines can weigh 650 kg, 800 kg and even 1000 kg.