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Important Points Of Our Machines In The Vertical Direction

Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machines

Today, the development of technology and the changing world conditions have changed in purchasing foods in the Food Field. This is also linked to the packing area. It is almost impossible to sell these products if they are not packaged properly and with packages that do not have the necessary quality. The packaging process is very important with its properties such as keeping the products fresh, not seeing moisture and extending shelf life. During packaging, air is taken from the inside of the product and vacuuming process is applied. Vacuuming process is used in nuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds, date palms, tea, sausage, meat products, wafer, sugar. Vacuuming process is also done with several types of technological machines and the most popular and demanded type of machine is vertical vacuum packaging machines.

Aims and Objectives of Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vertical vacuum packaging machines are manufactured for packaging of technical products and film bags with barriers. Its use occurs in industrial and industrial type areas. These machines are often used in powder, semi-liquid and liquid-made products. Vertical vacuum packaging machines prevent the waste of nutrients during packaging. In addition to this information, packaging adds an added importance in extending and regulating the shelf life of granules or powder products. Vertical vacuum packaging machines also make it easy to place products inside because they are designed with cylindrical table inside. All bodies of our machines, including the chamber, are covered with 304 stainless steel. Siemens and Schneider brands were used in their pneumatic and electrical materials. It’s a double chamber. Cleaning and maintenance is easy for everyone. Protective gas unit (m.A.P.) is integrated. Keeps your food fresh and extends shelf life. It is provided with dual resistance and protection. Liquid and dust pack all kinds of nutrients by vacuuming. It carries out the packaging process of your products starting from 100 grams to 45 kilograms. We are also ready to offer you Services in industry and industrial areas with our robust and high quality machines At Reasonable Prices.
You can also pack all kinds of food with our vertical vacuum packaging machines as single or double Hopper without problems and use food gas processes to protect your food from external factors as well as extend the shelf life.