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How to Make Professional Vacuum Packaging

How to make Professional Vacuum Packaging?

When making professional vacuum packaging, the first thing to consider is cleaning. Care should be taken in vacuum packaging machine cleaning before vacuum packing. Having a clean work surface will allow you to do much cleaner and more attentive packaging.

Care should be taken in the freshness of the products to be vacuumed before starting vacuuming. Because after the vacuum packaging machine has vacuumed, the storage time of these vacuumed products will vary depending on the freshness of the vacuumed products. So the shelf life of the products you want to store will be extended or shortened. In addition, the aroma of the products stored in the vacuuming process using fresh fruits or vegetables will be much more intense and will be stored more delicious.

Before using vacuum packaging machines, the temperature of the products to be packaged must be taken into consideration. Because the products to be packaged must be cooled before being taken into vacuum packaging machines. Otherwise, the product will have less product vacuum because the products will be less vacuum.

Vacuum packaging machines vary according to brands and models. For this reason, vacuum bag should be used when vacuuming. The amount of product placed in the vacuum bag should be adjusted correctly. The higher the amount of vacuum in the vacuum bag, the better quality vacuuming is provided. When vacuumed products are to be used in vacuum bags, it will be beneficial to choose heat-resistant bags.

How to Packaging Liquid Contained Products?

When vacuuming products containing liquids, these products must be placed in the vacuum packing machine and placed comfortably with the tilt plate and the magnetic support angle. As the liquid reaches boiling point (bubble formation), vacuum should be terminated. Vacuuming of products containing liquids is a little more challenging than the process of vacuuming solid products. Liquid will accumulate in the vacuum bag due to the emergence of liquid from the vacuumed products. Therefore, more professional, more sterile vacuum packaging to be able to do hygiene requirements should be observed.

In addition, protective gases during vacuuming protect the product against mechanical loading and increase the strength of the strength. For this reason, if the vacuum packaging machine has a gassing unit, it will be much better for the products to be stored. When creating the protective atmosphere, it must be adjusted according to the type of product packaged.