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Detailed Information About Our Company And Our Technological Machines

Vertical Vacuuming And Packaging Machines
Vertical Peanut Vacuuming And Packaging Machines

Today, as in all the world in our country, nuts are among the health-beneficial foods that every person consumes every day. Peanut, which is one of these types of nuts, is among the few foods that add flavor to your pastry, bagels made of all kinds of sweet and salty dough, which is more delicious than other nuts. The manufacturer and retail sales of these products complain about an issue in the sale of these products. As with all products, spoilage, moisture, insect, drying problems are seen in nuts, which shortens shelf life. Most manufacturers and retail outlets have also found solutions to this problem with the increase in products produced in technological fields. But most manufacturers have no knowledge of this situation. This problem has been eliminated with industrial type vertical peanut vacuuming and packing machine. Our company ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited has produced high quality, durable machines equipped with the latest technology to protect your products. If we count the features of these machines, our machine vacuums your products and packages them with non-tear bags. In addition, our machines are vertical and easily package your products without spilling or crushing.

Features That Enable You To Choose Our Machines

There are warning systems such as coil run out, warning Hopper, product run down, edge control system with air shaft system, and integrated air gun features and panels. Another important feature of our machines is the M.A.P is food gas. 10 kilograms, 15 kilograms, 20 kilograms, 25 kilograms, 30 kilograms, 35 kilograms, 40 kilograms weight all kinds of food products are vacuumed and packaged without any problems. All covered in 304 stainless steel, including the covers. Our machines are water resistant and will not give you any difficulty in technical care. It has a safety panel against possible situations. All these features are not available in most companies that sell these machines today. Maintenance and supply of spare parts is fairly simple.
If you want to have one of our economic, low cost, economical, efficient machines that combine all these features mentioned above in a single machine, you can buy our machines by communicating with us.