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Definitions Of Packaging And Vacuuming

Definition Of Vacuum

Vacuum is a word that has come from French to Turkish as a word called Science vacuum, which means space. Vacuum is the state of atmospheric pressure around the air pressure. The vacuum is directly connected with the pressure.

Application Of Vacuum

The atmosphere surrounding the Earth constantly exerts pressure on all areas. Vacuum can be produced in two ways, fabricated and simple. In general, they are called vacuum pumps. Its varieties are submersible, dry, oily, centrifugal. These varieties are distinguishable according to the tasks and locations in which they will be used. The engine inside the vacuum pump starts from the suction part and continues by ejecting the air. The suction section in a closed environment works by releasing the density of the air molecules in the environment into the outer area. The value and duration of the vacuum varies according to the type of pump used and its environment. In addition, the desired values and duration of the vacuum pump can be performed by lowering or increasing the volume.

Measurement Of Vacuum

Measurement of vacuum values is done with electronic and mechanical indicators. These indicators are generally called manometers. The manometer should not be confused with the barometer. The barometer is used to measure the pressure of the open air while the manometer measures the pressure of the closed air.

Reasons For Use Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

The most important reason for the use of vacuum packaging machine is the frequent preference of manufacturers ‘ products and extending their shelf life. Seafood, meat products, nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews such as snack foods, vegetables, flour, spices, legumes, coffee and ready-to-eat foods in short can be applied in all kinds of food products. If you prefer our vacuum packaging machines, you will be free of difficulties and excessive costs. It is also used in all varieties of meat products, vegetables and fruits, as well as in dried legumes such as cookies, and extends shelf life. Another reason for using our vacuuming machines is;

Thanks to the packaging and vacuum made by your machines will save space and even in places with cold or high temperature climate will ensure that your products maintain their freshness for a long time like the first day. In addition, there will be no problems in vacuuming the bags we use in packaging, without cutting with a knife and cutting tool, tear and rupture will not be seen.