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Eigenschaften Unserer Maschinen, Die Ihnen Von Unserer Firma Angeboten Werden

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Big-bag vacuuming machines

Big-bag hazelnut vacuuming machines


As it is known, cancer is one of the most common diseases today. The majority of our population suffers from cancer for no reason. The main cause of cancer disease, which has increased in recent periods, is due to misinformation. This is why individuals are now paying more attention to what they eat and the nutrients that protect against cancer and strengthen the immune system. One of these foods is nuts. Our company, Big-baghazelnut vacuum machines in addition to our applications, depending on the type of products you need, speed and location conditions, we are proud to provide you with special solutions for our valued customers.


Features of Big-bag vacuuming machines


Our Big-bagvacuuming machines have b series. With today’s technology, the b series is the category of big bag models. Our machines, which are flexible and have a wide range of uses, are often preferred in the grain, grain and chemical industries. It can also be used in food, agriculture, construction, mining, recycling, pharmaceutical and shipbuilding industries. A Big-bagis simply a big-sized sack. Our Big-bagvacuuming machines carry out the vacuuming operations of large sacks with 2 or 4 hooks from 1000 kilograms to 4000 kilograms. Big-bagvacuuming machines in general use, raw and processed products vacuuming and bag closing operations. Pe th th th, pp, pet / paper / pe, pet / aluminum /pe can adhere to all other laminated materials with an adhesive layer on the inner surface. It has a high degree of work safety. It has a very fast working cycle, providing ergonomic working space. There is also an lcd touch screen control unit. In addition, all the machines we sell work with low energies and help you in financial matters. Thanks to our machines, you will be able to do your work in a short time and you will not have to suffer economically.


In order to get better information about our machines, it is enough to enter our official website where the detailed information of our machines is available. You can access all the data about the machine in the description section there. You can choose which machine you need by looking at the machines that we introduce on our official website.