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B Series Big-Bag Large Scale Vacuum Machines

Big-Bag Vacuuming Machines

Big-Bag Hazelnut Vacuuming Machines


In our past times, manufacturers and retail sales people have complained that their products ‘ shelf life has been shortened, their products have been dampened, bugged, dried, and deteriorated without realizing their sales. With the development of technology, this problem has become solved with technological machines. But many people are not aware of this information. The items that this technology will be applied to are foods that can be eaten and drank, and in short, all food products. These foods include nuts, nuts, cashews, almonds, etc.

Our valued company is ILAY Machine Food Foreign Trade Company Limited big-bag hazelnut vacuuming machines are available for sale using highly valuable ingredients.


Features Of Big-Bag Vacuuming Machines


Our B-Series machines are prepared in devices suitable for the use of large scale companies, businesses and people doing retail work. Because the weight of machines is close to the weight of 1 ton is not suitable for use in homes and small businesses. Businesses, especially those who take up all the retail business profession, prefer to vacuum their products and close the mouth part of big bag bags with our big-bag vacuuming machines. It can also be used in food, agriculture, construction, mining, recycling, pharmaceutical and ship industries. It has a structure that can be cleaned easily and is completely hygienic about health. It is simple to use and has a fairly easy panel. Maintenance is also completely simple. Spare parts are ubiquitous and cheap, at quality cost. In the material flow, its smooth structure and internal diameter are unobstructed. PE th th th, PP, PET / paper / PE, PET / Aluminum / PE all other laminated materials with adhesive layer on the inner surface are capable of adhesive. It has 100% open, visible workspace. All kinds of inner and outer parts of our machines have stainless steel control rings and have trigger lock and metal arm.

All of our big-bag hazelnut vacuuming machines are under warranty. If you have any problems, just contact us. We are proud to give you a warranty period because we trust our products. We’re as close as a phone to you. To answer all your questions, you can call for 24 hours without hesitation and find out the answers to your questions.